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We’re over the moon at the enthusiasm shown to us and our wines on the Pinot Palooza Magic Bus around Australia this year. We’re busy getting ready for Singapore in November and Tokyo early next year, as well as assembling a few more things for Rootstock – Megan, Izzy and Tamara are practising their dance moves.

We sold lots of wine, but nevertheless, we've decided to continue with the Pinot Palooza discounts for a little while longer.

Samba Side and Conception will continue their pre-order 2O16 prices, with free delivery in Australia prior to the summer solstice.

Studebaker 2O16 is ready to go now, with free delivery across Australia, indefinitely.

There’s a box with your name on it.




Order 'Studebaker 2016' 6x bottles for $180
Order 'Studebaker 2016' 12x bottles for $360
Pre-order 'Conception 2016' 3x bottles for $150
Pre-order 'Conception 2016' 6x bottles for $300
Pre-order 'Samba Side 2016' 3x bottles $150
Pre-order 'Samba Side 2016' 6x bottles $300